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We offer 24 hour 7 days a week Bail Bonds Service to all jails and courts in the Merced County California area with agents just minutes from the jails.

At CityWide Bail Bonds reuniting people that have been arrested and detained at a Merced county jail is what we do every single day. Our amazing and friendly staff is happy to answer all questions you have regarding bailing someone out in Merced county. There are several other bail bonds companies in Merced, California, but you will not find a more honest, professional, and friendly customer service anywhere else that even comes close.

CityWide knows that being arrested in Merced county is a complete disaster of a situation, and in just seconds it haults your everyday life, so thats why we make the bail bond process simple and streamlined. We offer friendly payment plans, bail bond financing with no collateral needed. In addition, our bail bond agents are happy to offer free Merced county inmate searches and any bail information to help you get the process started right away. For fast, reliable, and professional bail bonds services in Merced County California, call CityWide Bail Bonds. Ready when you are.

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Let's get you home

When you are arrested and accused of a crime in Merced County, you are generally taken to your local police department or jail to be booked for their crime you are accused of. This process involves taking your fingerprints and photographs and a recording of the charges being filed. After the booking process has been completed, you have an opportunity to post bail to avoid being incarcerated while awaiting a release hearing. To get out of jail you can pay the required amount of bail to ensure your return to the court hearings related to your filed charges.

What happens after posting bail

After your bail has been posted and you are free, it is important that you prepare for your upcoming court date(s) at the Merced County Court House. This could include getting permission for the needed time off from work, arranging longer term child-care, meeting and acquiring a defense attorney, and much more. Thankfully, when you’re out on bail CityWide has got your back. Our team will help you understand the whole process and help walk you through next steps so you can get the best possible outcome!

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