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Available for Android Google Play, Amazon & Galaxy Store.

Sorry IOS users, our app is not iPhone ready yet. (TBA)

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How it Works

Get instant access to one of our bail agents right through our app, no need to remember website links or phone numbers.

Download our app, and when ever you need us, open the CityWide Bail Bonds App, then click on any of our phone number buttons inside the app to get instantly connected to one of our amazing bail agents.


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Our Team, Your Pocket

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Go Home From Jail

By downloading our app you will always have the CityWide Bail Team in your pocket and ready to go. Telling your friends and loved ones to download the CityWide Bail Bonds app helps prepare them for that unexpected arrest that could happen anyplace, anytime, now they will be a little more prepared.

Key Features

We keep it clean and classy and easy to use. Under the hood we got plenty of information about our bail bonds, of course one click to call our bail agents, when you're not in jail or to enterain the kids we got a cool game to play and always adding more.

It's better to know us and not need us then need us and not know us.


No Bug App

Our app is a powerful but quite app, so no notifications.


Free Updates

We are working on more new cool things to add.


User Friendly

Quick and easy to navigate our app with a clean layout.


Instant Support

All by clicking any of our in app phone number buttons.


Escape the PoPo

Our take on an older classic arcade game type.


California Counties

We serve all 58 counties find the ones we specialize in.